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Article ID: 000027056
Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
Access Level: Public

Voyager Focus & Voyager 6200 making a humming/buzzing sound in a Microsoft Teams

Conditions for this issue to occur:
  • Have Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams running at the same time.
  • Having the headset as Multipoint connection.
  • Have an active call on Microsoft Teams and received a 2nd incoming call via cellphone.
This may cause the person on the other end of the Microsoft Teams call to hear a humming/buzzing noise when you received a 2nd incoming coming call via cellphone.

Microsoft Teams does not send call state HID commands to BT600 (Bluetooth USB adapter) when Skype is open, the Teams call in this case is not an active call on both BT600 and Headset, just audio. When the incoming call comes to the phone, the headset treats it as a first incoming call and switches the SCO. It should be the 2nd incoming call and not switch the SCO.
The SCO switching causes the humming sound by some Tx audio lost and compensation.

  • Disconnect the HS for a Multipoint setup.   
  • Do not run Skype for Business.

  • Multipoint connection: having the headset connected to 2 devices at the same time (USB dongle & cellphone).
  • HS: Headset.
  • BT600: Bluetooth USB adapter that comes with the Voyager.
  • SCO: Synchronous Connection Oriented is Point to Point Connection between only one master and only one slave.