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.Audio 995 Troubleshooting

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What are some general troubleshooting tips for the .Audio 995?


The headset did not connect to the wireless USB adapter on first use. Ensure the headset is fully charged and powered on. Ensure that the wireless USB adapter is plugged into a powered USB port. If the port is powered, the LED on the wireless USB adapter will be lit. If the wireless USB adapter is plugged into a USB hub, ensure that the USB hub is turned on. If all of the above fails, then follow the steps to pair the headset to the wireless USB adapter.  The headset did not re-connect to the wireless USB adapter after coming back into range. Ensure that both the headset and adapter are powered on and paired. Restart any running applications. Some applications need to be restarted in order to recognize a new audio device.  In the Control Panel, check sound and audio settings to ensure that the chosen device is "Plantronics Wireless Device." The headset is paired to the adapter, but I cannot hear audio from the headset. Power off the headset and then power it back on. The headset should then automatically re-connect to the wireless USB adapter. The play/pause and/or track skip function is not working for my application Some applications, such as iTunes, require that they be the active application (i.e., not minimized) in order to be controlled by a 3rd party audio device. Some media applications, when embedded in a web page, do not recognize standard Windows audio commands for play/pause and/or track/skip. When using the internet to make calls (i.e., using VoIP), callers cannot hear me. Check that the application being used has "Plantronics Wireless Device" listed as the active device for listening and speaking. Some applications need to be set manually or restarted before they will recognize a new audio device. NOTE: In unusual circumstances the headset may switch off. Switch the headset back on to resume normal operation.