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Handset Lifter Accessory Troubleshooting: Beeping when using speaker phone

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Why do I hear beeps in my headset when using my speaker phone?


If you are using a handset lifter accessory (such as the HL1 or HL10), please note that your handset lifter utilizes a ring detection microphone to alert you when you receive incoming calls. This microphone may also alert you when you use the speaker phone, because the microphone may misinterpret the sounds from your speaker phone as ring tones. We suggest that you simply unplug the lifter from the bottom of the wireless base unit while using speaker phone mode so that you will not be distracted by the alert tones.   click here   Another other option is to use the external ring detector, Plug it in to the lifter and place the mic as far away from the phone as possible when using the speaker phone.