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UC Software - Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation & Cross-Site Request Forgery

Vulnerability Summary

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities were found on multiple Poly (Polycom) voice endpoints. The vulnerabilities are currently fixed, and customers are advised to upgrade to the latest software release that addresses the above vulnerabilities.  


Last Update: 3/8/2022
Initial Public Release: 4/1/2020
Advisory ID:  PLYVC20-04

Product Affected
VVX101,  VVX201,  VVX301,  VVX311,  VVX401,  VVX411, VVX501,  VVX601,  VVX150,  VVX250,  VVX350,  VVX450, D60

Prior to UCS 6.2

UCS 6.2 and above
VVX300,  VVX310,  VVX400,  VVX410,  VVX500,  VVX600

Prior to UCS 5.9.6

UCS 5.9.6 and above
SoundPoint IP and SoundStation IP

Prior to USC 4.0.15

USC 4.0.15 and above

Poly recommends customers upgrade to the respective firmware build or later.  The software, release notes, and other documentation for your voice endpoint can be found at Poly Support



Poly recommends all customers upgrade to the latest version. Customers who need time to upgrade may disable the Web User Interface (Web UI) either by changing settings in the phone's user interface or through configuration file changes. Please check your product's Administrator Guide for specific instructions on how to do this.


Any customer using an affected system who is concerned about this vulnerability within their deployment should contact Poly Technical Support(888) 248-4143, (916) 928-7561, or visit the Poly Support Site.



Poly would like to thank Matt Landers from Marshall Hallenbeck for reporting security vulnerabilities to us and for their coordinated disclosure.

Revision History
1.0 9/7/2021 Initial Release
2.0 3/9/2022 Format changes and Detail clarifications