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APN-91 (NEC EHS Cable) Product Information

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Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cables provide communication between your phone and Plantronics headset, enabling you to answer and end your calls using your headset call control button.
Installation Information
  • Click here to view the installation instructions for the APN-91.
Compatibility Information
EHS cables are designed to work with specific phone models and Plantronics products. The table below provides the compatibility information for the APN-91.
EHS Cable Phone Make and Model Compatible Plantronics Product
Part No. 89280-11
  • DT 330
  • DT 730
  • DT 750
CS500 Series:
  • CS510
  • CS520
  • CS530
  • CS540
Savi 700 Series:
  • W710
  • W720
  • W730
  • W740
  • W745

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