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Voyager Pro UC (B230/B230-M): Advanced Features

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Below are options for configuring some of the advanced features available for the Voyager Pro UC B230 and B230-M. Turning Off Advanced Features The advanced features can be turned off, but require Plantronics software to be installed so the user can adjust settings in the Plantronics Control Panel (PCP). In the main PCP panel on the "Devices" tab, select the BT300 and click on "Device Settings." In the "Headset tab" you can deselect whichever features you want. Features that Need to Be Turned On All of the basic Smart Sensor features are turned "On" by default. The features that are "Off" by default are the customizable presence (which lets you select how your softphone presence should be updated based on wearing state) and Escalate IM to Voice call. These two features are only supported by Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC)/Lync and Skype at this time. Turning on the Features that Are Off by Default The features that are "Off" by default can be turned on in the "Preferences" tab in the main PCP panel.