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Solutions for Office Collaborator​s

Office Collaborators are highly collaborative and open to new technology. It doesn't take long for this office-based group to get the hang of things, and when they do, they're easily able to use technology efficiently and productively.


We can help you profile your organization to identify workforce communication needs.


An Office Collaborator Feels as Productive At Home as in the Office


Many work in open office areas which can be noisy. They are more likely to be proactive in managing noise, so they would benefit from the noise-canceling technology of pro-grade headsets.






Type of Work

Comfortable using either their desk phone or computer to join meetings and almost half report daily video usage as well. They are the main speaker in meetings about half of the time.

46% report daily video usage

67% use a headset

Device Usage

On average, Office Collaborator use 3.8 devices on a daily basis to get their work done. Primary devices used for calls include:


Smart Phone

Desk Phone

% Time spent

Top Pain Points
  • Noisy office environments cause distraction (89%)
  • Uncomfortable wearing headsets for long periods of time (30%)
Fun Facts
  • Choose video calls as a preferred communication channel (56%)
  • Strongest growth in video calls during COVID
  • Expects to work from home 28% of the time post-COVID, compared to 2% pre-COVID

Recommended Products

  • Blackwire 8225
    Blackwire 8225
    Blackwire 8225
    Headset UC Premium com fio

    O ruído de fundo está afetando a produtividade? Ajude as equipes a manter o ruído distante e a se concentrar com o headset premium Blackwire 8225 da Poly.

  • Poly Studio P5
    Poly Studio P5
    Poly Studio P5
    Webcam profissional

    Você aparecerá tão nitidamente que impressionará em todas as reuniões com a webcam Poly Studio P5, criada para aqueles que levam qualidade de vídeo a sério. A lente ajustada da Poly faz maravilhas para mostrar uma imagem profissional, não importa onde você trabalhe, com cores brilhantes e nitidez incrível. O design resistente torna esta webcam perfeita para profissionais de todos os tipos.

*As pain points and connectivity needs may be similar, there is some crossover in product recommendations between personas.


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