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Poly end-to-end healthcare solutions deliver the highest quality audio and video experience between patients and clinicians.




Connect. Diagnose. Heal.

Poly believes in the tremendous power of human connection and collaboration to enhance people’s health. Poly audio and video solutions support countless patient encounters per month around the world—saving time, money and most importantly, lives. From telemedicine to staff communication and from clinical education to day-to-day business, Poly is uniquely positioned to deliver the highest quality, interactive healthcare experiences.



Telehealth Station and Cart enable telemedicine programs to conduct full remote patient encounters.

Clinics and consultation rooms that need an all-in-one video solution that can easily be mounted on a monitor or cart.


A perfect solution for smaller spaces that are looking for ease-of-use including school-based health programs.

During the first month of the COVID-19 pandemic, Avera deployed 500 [Poly] endpoints to respond to the high-demand for telehealth visits.

Mandy Bell , Innovation Officer


Ideal solution for administrators that are looking for the simplicity of a USB device while providing high quality audio and video experience.

Secure communications paired with long distance DECT™ wireless technology makes this a perfect headset for healthcare organizations.

A powerful headset that provides clear audio and all-day wearing comfort

The Poly Grant Assistance Program support contributed to over $4.2 million in funding over the past three years.

Kristi Burnett , Telemedicine Network Liaison

Medical Education

Video conferencing devices can also record sessions for educational purposes. “You never know which collaboration platform the other party will be using, so [Poly] Studio allows hospital staff to be ever-ready.

Jerry Weaver , Business Relations Specialist

A room-based video system used in larger conference and classrooms that can integrate with multiple microphones and camera systems. 

Incredible HD webcam paired with a Poly audio solution. Ideal for users who are learning from home or on-the-go.

Hear and be heard clearly in a larger room all while having the flexibility of using popular phone service platforms.

Patient Support

Ideal for healthcare professionals looking to have the ability to easily move around their office with a higher audio and video quality than most simple web cams can provide.

Clear, loud audio for the patient or healthcare worker needing to use USB or Bluetooth on the go or from home.

USB headset provides incredible noise-cancelling technology that will block out unwanted disturbances from open workspaces such as nurse station or reception.

When working in a COVID isolation room, “receiving a call meant exiting the room, taking off all the PPE equipment and sterilizing, which could take 10 minutes.” “Now, I can say “answer” and receive the call, without removing protective gear or pausing patient care.”

Kasper Nesager-Hansen


Poly solutions for microsoft teams - healthcare

When health and lives are on the line, your ability to communicate and collaborate is crucial. That’s where Poly comes in. We keep patients, caregivers and administrative staff connected and engaged with premium video and audio solutions designed to help you maximize your Microsoft Teams experience.

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Case Study
Baptist Health

Delivering Critical Telehealth Services to Rural America

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Case Study

Voyager Focus UC an integral part of smarter working in Bayer UK and Ireland headquarters

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Case Study

RACQ LifeFlight Improves Operations with Plantronics Manager Pro

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Poly Healthcare Solutions

A look at the solutions that help drive success in the healthcare.

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Solution Brief
Poly Telehealth Application

Smooth integration of video into Epic EHR

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Poly Grant Assistance Programs (PGAP)

Let us help you find funding to implement voice, video, and data communications solutions. Our team of grant and industry experts will help you create a funding solution package to meet your specific and unique needs and achieve your project outcomes.

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Data Sheet
Poly Studio P5 Kit for Healthcare Data Sheet

Learn about the features and benefits and technical specifications of the Poly Studio P5 Kits.

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User Guide
Poly Studio P21 for Healthcare

Healthcare workers looking for improved communications and more accurate charting.

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Three Global Trends That Make It Critical To Get Telehealth Right

Discover three emerging trends that have clinical, operational, and financial implications for every practice, and how to take advantage of the opportunities they offer.

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Telehealth: A Key For Providers To Unlock Health Equity

Nearly half of the world’s people lack access to adequate medical services. See how telehealth can help healthcare providers close the gap.

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Video Observed Therapy: How it Boosts Patient Adherence to Medication Protocols

Discover how virtual patient engagement can support medication adherence. Using video as a medium to support compliance, improve patient satisfaction and treatment workflow.

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