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Solutions for Office Independents

This group holds to a more traditional workstyle and works mainly on their own at a personal desk. They participate in fewer calls and meetings than other personas.



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Personal / Assigned desks are the norm, generally in a cubicle or open space. Though office-based, this workstyle reports low usage of conference rooms. 





Type of Work

In person and 1-1 voice communication with colleagues or customers, least likely of all personas to be the main speaker in meetings.

8% report daily video usage

36% use a headset

Device Usage

On average, Office Independents use 2.1 devices on a daily basis to get their work done. Primary devices used for calls include:


Smart Phone

Desk Phone

% Time spent

Top Pain Points
  • Distracted by background noise int he office (91%)
  • Meetings get in the way of completing projects
  • Meetings often start and end later than scheduled
Fun Facts
  • Spend mos of their time each day on individual work (72%)
  • Communication in a typical day is internal with colleagues

Recommended Products

  • Savi 7300 Office Series
    Savi 7300 Office Series
    Savi 7300 Office Series
    Ultra-secure wireless DECT™ headset system

    Armor up with Savi 7300 Office Series to keep conversations private. The ultra-secure DECT™ wireless headset is the perfect choice for financial, medical, government and contact centers or anywhere sensitive conversations happen.

  • Blackwire 5200 Series
    Blackwire 5200 Series
    Blackwire 5200 Series
    Corded USB headset

    Connect and work easily with the Blackwire 5200 Series. Simple to use, its USB/USB-C and 3.5 mm connectivity lets you work on a variety of devices. And it’s so comfortable, you’ll be able to wear it all day.

  • VVX 350
    VVX 350
    VVX 350
    6-line, mid-range IP desk phone

    Six-line, mid-range IP desk phone with color display

  • Poly Studio P5
    Poly Studio P5
    Poly Studio P5
    Professional Webcam

    Look so good that you’ll crush every meeting with the Poly Studio P5 webcam, built for those serious about quality video. Fine-tuned Poly optics do wonders for your professional image, no matter where you work, with brilliant colors and incredible clarity. The rugged design makes this webcam perfect for professionals of all types.

*As pain points and connectivity needs may be similar, there is some crossover in product recommendations between personas.


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