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Poly has joined the HP family! From August 7, 2023, Poly Support contact options will connect you to HP. This portal will be live until November, when we'll move to the HP Customer Support site.

Business Media Phones (VVX Series)

Escalation Requirements

Information Needed  

Detailed Problem Description

Example: VVX500 will drop calls after an hour into the conference, this has been recreated in the customer environment. This issue only happens over the customer internal network. I have sent a detailed description of the customers network environment, The date and times the issue started, as well as my troubleshooting steps to replicate the problem. I have tried to flash erase the phone by holding the # and * and reinstall the factory software. I have attached the Packet Capture.

Answer to the questions

  • How many phones experience this problem?
  • When the problem start happening? What changed?
  • What kind of PBX and version of PBX are you using?
  • Please verify and provide us with the SIP and BootRom versions running on the phone.
  • Have you tried updating software?
  • What steps can you provide to reproduce the issue?
  • What is the SIP server platform and what is the software running on this SIP server?
  • Please let us know how you are provisioning the phone? HTTP, FTP, TFTP, or the WEB


Files Needed:  

Support Information


Packet Captures

Packet Captures are essential in helping resolve suspect network related issues. Packet Captures can be gathered with a laptop from a mirrored port on the switch.

Files to Include

  • We will need to see your mac.cfg, phone1.cfg, and sip.cfg file as well as any files that may be called in from your mac.cfg file.
  • The override file on your provisioning server mac-phone.cfg.
  • The phones application and boot log files.
  • We will also need you to provide your configuration files and logs (both the mac-boot.log and mac-app.log files) for PGS review

Date & Time of the incident

Include all the relevant information as far as the IP address of the product in question, who’s connected to whom and their IP address, when was the issues seen / heard etc.

Serial Number Location

Serial Number is located on the black sticker in the center rear of the Phone.