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Poly has joined the HP family! From August 7, 2023, Poly Support contact options will connect you to HP. This portal will be live until November, when we'll move to the HP Customer Support site.

Poly Room Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Poly G10-T, Poly G40-T, Poly G85-T

Escalation Requirements

Information Needed  

Detailed Problem Description

Meeting invites were sent out but did not appear on the GC8 screen. These were sent from two difference people within the organization and neither appeared on the GC8 touch panel. The global administrator for the 365 account sent an invite and this did appear of the GC8. I logged out of the unit and back in again today and the meeting invites did then appear. The system was able to make calls but was showing as offline within the Teams admin center.



Files Needed:  

MTR Logs

To pull complete log package execute: powershell -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted c:\rigel\x64\scripts\provisioning\ScriptLaunch.ps1 CollectSrsV2Logs.ps1

GC8 Logs

The logs are located at C;\Program Files\Poly\Log

Serial Number Location

Console serial number – must be used to open SR and check entitlement.

MTR Tiny PC Serial Number – needed for hardware issues.

Console serial number
MTR Tiny PC Serial Number