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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Bluetooth Headsets: How to Pair with an iPhone

How do I pair my Plantronics Bluetooth headset with my iPhone?
To pair your Plantronics Bluetooth headset with your iPhone:
  1. On your iPhone, press Settings > General > Bluetooth.
  2. If Bluetooth is turned Off, tap to turn it On. The iPhone automatically searches for your device.
  3. Place your Bluetooth headset into pairing mode.
  4. When you see your Plantronics device name, tap it to pair and connect.
  5. If you are prompted for a passkey, enter "0000" (4 zeros). NOTE: Do not be alarmed if you are not prompted for a passkey. Not all headsets require it.
You should see your headset name with a status of Connected (e.g., "1xxPlantronics Connected"). Your headset is now ready to use!