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Skype for Business Compatibility with Plantronics Audio Devices

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On October 26th, Microsoft released Skype for Business on Mac. As is frequently the case with similar but not identical applications, this new Mac client does not provide equivalent USB audio device compatibility as Microsoft Lync for Mac.  While Plantronics works closely and partners with the industry’s leading softphone providers to ensure integration and compatibility with our UC products, not all features are supported on all applications. Plantronics is proactively involved with Microsoft to address user experience on all platform OS.
Based on Plantronics internal testing of Microsoft Skype for Business on Mac and Plantronics USB headsets, the following compatibility issues have been evaluated.

  1. All Plantronics USB audio devices support the ability to receive and transmit audio on all Mac environments tested. Users can manage call control functions using the softphone interface on their computers. 
  2. USB audio devices are no longer supported for full plug and play remote call control. Calls must be answered using the Skype for Business on Mac application interface on users’ computers. Volume synchronization no longer functions in all configurations tested using the inline device controls on UC headsets.  Mute synchronization works consistently in all environments tested. Remote call control to terminate a single call works consistently, although when managing multiple calls simultaneously call termination may also end calls on hold. 
  3. Installing Plantronics Hub software for Mac will not resolve the compatibility issues noted, and may result in additional compatibility issues. 
Due to variations in supported features between Lync for Mac and Skype for Mac, Plantronics suggests you factor expected user experience into your upgrade/migration plans, to ensure the best possible experience for Plantronics audio device users.