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Clarity 340/340-M: How to Handle Calls

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How do I handle calls using the Clarity 340/340-M?
To place a call:
  1. Dial the desired number using the standard 12 digit keypad and press the send/answer key.
  2. To edit if you make an error before you complete the number, press the function key under “Delete” on the LCD and press the send key.
NOTE: Calls initiated from Clarity 340/340-M start in earpiece mode. To make a call in speakerphone mode, start the call in earpiece mode (as described above), then press the speakerphone button once the call is established.
To redial:
  1. Select menu.
  2. Press Select when the "Redial" option is displayed.
NOTE: Redial applies to the last number called from either the PC client or device.
To answer a call:
  1. Press the send/answer key or press function key for "Answer." 
  2. To answer in speakerphone mode, press the speakerphone button.
To end a call:
  1. Press the call end key or press function key for "Ignore."