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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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M25/M55: How to Replace the Eartip

If the eartip feels loose or tight in your ear, try a different size to see if you get a better fit.
To Replace the Eartip:
Image of how to replace the M1100 ear tip
  1. Pull the loop of the eartip and remove it from the speaker. Be careful not to pull on the speaker or stem.
  2. Using your thumb, tuck the bottom of the new eartip under the edge of the speaker and pull the loop over the speaker.
Replacement Eartip Information
  • Part #84661-01 - Replacement eartip kit with earloop (includes a large, medium, and small eartip, along with an earloop)
  • Available for purchase on our web site and through our distributors.