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Last Modified Date: 06/07/2021
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Calisto P540-M: How to Receive MOC Calls on a Locked PC

Can the Calisto P540-M phone be used when the computer is locked?
Many companies set a security policy that locks a computer that has not been used for a specified amount of time. To unlock the computer, the user must enter their password. By default, you cannot make Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) calls while the computer is locked; however, there is a setting in Microsoft Office Communicator Server (OCS) that can allow MOC to be used even if the computer is locked. This setting should be configured by your company's IT or computer support team. Unfortunately, there is no setting on the phone that allows you to use it when the computer is locked.

  To change the OCS setting to enable MOC use when the computer is locked:
  Change the DisableHandsetOnLockedMachine policy to the desired setting.
  • 0 (or not set) = Allow all incoming/outgoing calls
  • 1 = Allow only incoming calls
  • 2 = Block incoming and outgoing calls
In W13 it is a GPO. In W14 this is going to be set via in-band from the server.