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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Tristar Troubleshooting: Callers Cannot Hear Me

When I answer a call on my Tristar H81N/H81, callers are unable to hear me. How can I fix this issue?
To fix this issue for voice tube models:
  • Ensure the voice tube position is correct. You may try various other positions to ensure the proper positioning of the voice tube.
  • Ensure the voice tube is unclogged. To unclog the voice tube remove the voice tube and see if the caller can hear you. If the caller can hear you, it indicates clog in the voice tube.
  • To clean a clogged voice tube, gently rinse the voice tube in warm water for a minute. Manually swing or shake the tube to dry. Ensure the voice tube is completely dry before reattaching it. NOTE: Plantronics recommends replacing the voice tube every 6-9 months.
To fix this issue for noise canceling models:
  • Ensure the microphone is facing your mouth and positioned properly.
  • Ensure the transmit volume control of the amplifier is properly set.