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Article ID: 000031826
Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Voyager Legend UC/Savi 400/Savi 700 Troubleshooting: Radio link control problems

I am using Cisco CIPC version 8.6.3 with Voyager Legend and Savi 440. The wireless link does not work correctly. Some times it will not start. Other times it cannot be shut off. Why is this happening?
We have confirmed a problem with CIPC version 8.6.3 which affects the radio link control on wireless headsets. The exact problem varies depending on the headset model:
  • Plantronics DECT headsets like Savi 400 and Savi 700 (USB connection): When you press the headset call control to end a call the radio link will stay active.
  • Voyager Legend: Pressing the headset call control button will not activate the radio link.
Current Status: Plantronics has provided Cisco with a new DLL that corrects the problems. We are working with Cisco to have a new version of CIPC with the updated DLL released. Currently there is not an ETA.