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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Voyager Legend UC and Microsoft Lync: Will My Music Pause When I Get a Call?

I'm streaming music from my PC to the Voyager Legend UC. If I get a Lync call, will my music pause and allow me to take the call?
If you are streaming music from an application such as iTunes (where you have in-line control of the music) to your Voyager Legend UC via the BT300, your music should pause automatically when a call comes in.

In the case of streaming music from a website such as Grooveshark or Pandora where you do not have in-line control of the application, the music will not pause. However, the volume will automatically lower to a very low level so you can take your call without being bothered by it. If you want the music to stop completely, you'll have to manually pause it within the application.

Note: This is true whether or not you have Spokes installed or if you have a standard or -M series headset.