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Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
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Known Issues and Limitations in ReadiManager LX100

The following is a working list of usage suggestions, known limitations and issues :
  1. When a meeting that is part of a recurring meeting is modified, deleting the recurring meetings as a series does not delete the modified meeting.
  2. The scheduling user interface allows a conference to be created at 128K with People+Content although the minimum required speed is 192K.
  3. Using Manage Conference, creating a new connection to an on-going conference doesn’t connect the new participant to the conference.
  4. In XP client where the regional setting is Bulgaria, scheduling or managing conference results in run-time error.
  5. Certain foreign language characters, such as French characters çàè"éù, are not recognized in the Conference Name, Ref ID, or Guest edit field.
  6. When the Outlook component is uninstalled from a machine, the “VideoMeeting” drop down option still exists in Calendar Properties> General Tab.
    This option must be changed to display “Appointments”. If “VideoMeeting” is still selected after uninstalling, errors will occur when scheduling appointments.
  7. Refrain from scheduling meetings and managing conferences concurrently as this will result in performance issues. An example of this would be having the
    Appointment window opened at the same time a Manage Conference window is opened.
  8. Currently, users who have the “request only” user profile are allowed to schedule conferences that start “Now”. The application does not warn the user
    that this is not an allowed action. The consequences of users being able to schedule “Now” will result in conferences that remain unapproved after the scheduled time.
  9. Multipoint conference cannot currently be scheduled using Polycom iPower as an internal MCU.
  10. If the "Quick_Login_Via_Entry_Queue" parameter in the Greet and Guide/IVR section is set to NO on the system.cfg of the MGC, reserving a conference
    from ReadiManager would get a STATUS ILLEGAL EQ NAME LENGTH error. Changing the parameter to YES corrects the reservation problem.
  11. In some cases when configuring the LX100 for the first time, during the scheduling of a multipoint conference involving an MCU, an error comes up indicating
    that cascading MCU is necessary. This error comes up even though an MCU resource is available. A work around is to delete the MCU resource and create a new one.
  12. A conference is not automatically saved on Lotus Notes calendar if the conference was scheduled using New>VideoMeeting or Schedule Meeting>VideoMeeting.
    To put conference on calendar, use Update Calendar or schedule a meeting by clicking directly on the calendar.
  13. ViaVideo does not send call status events to ReadiManager LX100 when using Windows 2003.
  14. The following issues apply to the Global Directory:
    • When iPowers are registered to a gatekeeper and have been provided with an E.164 number by the gatekeeper, the IP address will be
      displayed in the Global Address Book instead of its E.164 number.
    • When dynamic endpoints are deleted from the Global Directory and an endpoint re-registers with the Global Directory, it takes 2 minutes
      or more to re-register with the Global Directory. A faster way to register is to reboot the endpoint.
    • The V-Series endpoints now functions by caching all of the Global Directory listings. Because of this change in functionality, an end user
      may experience the following:
      1. Changes made to the Global Directory will take 10 minutes to be reflected in the V-Series Global Address Book.
      2. The V-Series endpoints will take up to 10 minutes when registering with the Global Directory.
    • If the password on the Global Directory has been changed and the password entered on a V-Series endpoint (version 5.X) was not updated
      to the new password, old cached Global Address entries will still be shown. Rebooting the endpoint clears the cache and updates the V-Series
      Global Directory password.
  15. The following issues apply to Software Update:
    • The iPower does not update ReadiManager LX100 that its software update was successful. Therefore, after completing a software update for
      an iPower, ReadiManager LX100 will show that the iPower’s software update status even though it may have been successful.
    • If the software update file requires a key file, the key file must not have any spaces in the name of key file, or you will see a network error message.
    • “Page cannot be displayed” message when trying to upload an iPower.exe in software update configuration when using a Windows 2003 machine. To enable software update for an iPower on Windows 2003:
      1. Start>Control Panels>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. In the left-hand panel, expand
        the branch with your server's name, and click "Web Service Extensions."
      2. From the "Action" menu, click "Add a new Web Service Extension" to open the "New Web Service Extension" window.
        In the "Extension Name" field, type "iPower SoftUpdate"
      3. Click "Add.” Browse to the SWUpload.dll file located within the ReadiManager LX100 installation directory:
      4. C:\Program Files\Polycom\pwx\WebApp\isapi\SWUpload.dll.
      5. Click "Open" to select the file. Click "OK" in the "Add File" window.
      6. Click "Set extension status to Allowed" so that the changes are enabled.
      7. Click "OK" in the "New Web Service Extension" window to save your changes.
  16. The following issues apply to Provisioning:
    • In VSX 7000 version 5.1.1, the following fields cannot be provisioned: admin password, meeting password and ‘date and time’.
    • VSX3000 and V500 version 5.X software does not support provisioning. If you try to provision endpoints with this software,
      you will see in the ‘Status Details’ the message, “An error occurred during the last provision attempt”.
  17. The following issues apply to Call Detail Record:
    • If the Call Detail Record database is large (i.e., >8 MB), performing a Call Detail Record with all options selected results in hampered
      performance due to maximum CPU usage and a script timeout error.
    • ViewStation version 7.5.1 and below and ViewStation FX version 6.0 and below do not report the date/time to CDR reports after CDR synchronization.
    • The bandwidth is not recorded in the CDR for ViaVideo.
    • The ViewStation and FX endpoint will send account numbers, which will be recorded in CDR, even though it did not originate the call or
      it did not have Account Validation enabled.
    • With the ViewStation or FX, CDR synchronization does not synchronize properly when endpoints are in a call. Invalid data can be written to
      the CDRlog.mdb (Ex. An IP address is written for the account number instead of an actual account number).
  18. Telnet tracing will not work if there is already a Telnet session created on any of the devices that support this feature.
  19. Web Remote Desktop does not work because ReadiManager LX100 does not have the Remote Desktop Client Active X control to enable Web Remote Desktop.
    This control is normally downloaded and run by the browser when it encounters a web page with the embedded Remote Desktop ActiveX control. The object code
    can be added manually as a workaround; as follows.
    1. Type "https://LX100 IP Addresss:admin port/", e.g.,
    2. Accept the security alert warning.
    3. Enter the Windows administrator login of ReadiManager LX100.
    4. When the browser window changes to Welcome page of the Web User Interface for Windows Server administration,
      click on Maintenance > Remote Desktop. A new browser window appears. The ActiveX control will be downloaded
      to the client browser. This control is called "Microsoft RDP Client Control" and will reside under the
      "\windows\downloaded\program files" of the client machine
    5. When the Windows login appears again, login as usual.
    6. If the login is validated, the Windows desktop will appear.
    7. Now that the control is resided on the client, remote desktop via web connection can be accessed by typing the URL in
      step 1 or through ReadiManager LX100 > System Configuration>Advanced Setup page.