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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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MGC 25: Highest common rate in a multipoint call

Below is a table illustrating a sample conference where Conference on Port is utilized and participants are connected at different video rates. The last column on the right shows what video output is being used.
  Party A Party B Party C Party D Video Output
Call BR 384 384 384    
Video BR 326.4 334.4 358.4 366.4 326.4
Audio BR 56 48 24 16  
Protocol H.263 H.261 H.263 H.263 H.261
Frame Rate 30 30 15 30 15
Annexes Yes   Yes No No
Note* Video for Party B, C, and D include the necessary stuffing. Note* If Party B were to disconnect, video output would be changed to H.263. All Software Versions