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Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
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Setting up vLAN Discovery via DHCP (DVD) on a SoundPoint or SoundStation IP phone

To assign a VLAN ID to a phone using DHCP:
In the DHCP submenu of the IP Setup menu set VLAN Discovery to " Fixed" or "Custom"
If set to "Fixed" the phone will examine DHCP options 128,144, 157 and 191 (in order) for a valid DVD string.
If set to "Custom" the value set in "VLAN ID Option" will be examined for a valid DVD string..
The DVD string in the DHCP option must meet the following conditions to be valid:
  • - Must start with ?VLAN-A=? (case-sensitive)
  • - Must contain at least one valid ID- VLAN IDs range from 0 to 4095
  • - Each VLAN ID must be separated by a ?+? character
  • - The string must be terminated by a ?;?
  • - All characters after the ?;? will be ignored - There must be no white space before the ?;?
  • - VLAN IDs may be decimal, hex, or octalExample
Example: The following DVD strings will result in the phone using VLAN 10: VLAN-A=10; VLAN-A=0x0a; VLAN-A=012;
Note: If a VLAN tag is assigned by CDP, all DHCP VLAN tags will be ignored.

All software versions.