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Article ID: 000058319
Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
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HDX series system does not automatically restart after LAN Speed/Duplex Mode settings are changed using the remote

When the LAN speed and duplex mode is changed via the handheld remote, the Polycom HDX series system does not display the message that a reboot is needed for the changes to take place, nor does the HDX system reboot. When changing these parameters from the web browser, the HDX both gives the prompt and reboots.
  1. Change LAN Speed from "Auto" to "100Mbps", Duplex Mode automatically changed from Hand Held remote. There is no  “System must restart” pop up and system DOES NOT restart.
  1. Change LAN Speed (Hand Held remote) from "100Mbps" to "Auto", Duplex Mode automatically changed from "Full" to "Auto" , the pop up does not come up and the system DOES NOT restart.
This issue has been addressed in HDX Release 3.0.3.
Reset LAN speed/duplex mode from web browser, or manually power off the system and then power it on.