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Last Modified Date: 12/15/2021
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Restrict Menu Access on a SPIP320, SPIP321, SPIP330, SPIP331 and SPIP335

This Knowledge Base Entry explains the possibility to limit the Menu Access on a SPIP320, SPIP321, SPIP330, SPIP331 and SPIP335.
In a VoIP Provider Environment the Menu Access to a Phone is often desired to be limited to certain Areas only.   The Advanced Menu can be configured with a non-Standard Password in order to prevent End Users to access System Settings leaving the Phone only with access to the Basic Menu.   Within the Basic Menu only the Preferences, Contrast, Ring Type, Update Configuration and Restart the Phone can be selected.  
Above also prevents Call Centre Agents to Forward their Phones or activate the Do Not Disturb (DND) functionality.
Create a new Configuration File or use the attached spip3xx.cfg file as a template:
<key key.SPIP320.34.function.prim="Applications" mb.main.home="" mb.main.idleTimeout="10"/>
<key key.SPIP321.34.function.prim="Applications" mb.main.home="" mb.main.idleTimeout="10"/>
<key key.SPIP330.34.function.prim="Applications" mb.main.home="" mb.main.idleTimeout="10"/>
<key key.SPIP331.34.function.prim="Applications" mb.main.home="" mb.main.idleTimeout="10"/>
<key key.SPIP335.34.function.prim="Applications" mb.main.home="" mb.main.idleTimeout="10"/>
<device device.set="1" device.auth.localAdminPassword.set="1" device.auth.localAdminPassword="polycom" />
Above utilizes the Hardcoded Menu Button (34) on the SPIP320, SPIP321, SPIP330, SPIP331 and SPIP335 and assigns the Microbrowser Homepage as the new Functionality.   In addition the Admin Password is changed from its default value of 456 into the new Password polycom.   Pressing this Button will then load the defined Homepage (spip3xx.html attached) which needs to be hosted on a Web Server.   The spip3xx.html contains:     <html> <br></br> </html>  
Above creates a Hyperlink that directly accesses the Settings Menu without the possibility to browse back into the lower menu Structure.
Pressing the Menu Button
the Phone will download the spip3xx.html File and Display this in the Microbrowser Window:
Using the Enter/Select Button the Settings Menu will be shown:
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