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Article ID: 000047558
Last Modified Date: 12/08/2021
Access Level: Public

RSS v8.0 connection issues with M100 in Multipoint VRR

RSS v8.0 Multipoint VRR when dialed by M100 will report a connection on the home page of the RSS yet the M100 reports fails to connect. Attempting to  control the reported connection within the RSS Admin page will result in a Warning popup message stating Send Command to SYS failed.   If another end point such as HDX is already connected to the Multipoint VRR and the M100 dials the same Multipoint VRR to attempt to join the call, the HDX is disconnected and the M100 reports to not be able to connect. RSS system may also become unresponsive and may need to be restarted.
Workaround: Previous versions of 7.0 seem to work fine. Future builds of RSS v8.5 also seem to work fine. Version 8.5 is slated to release with wave 7 the later part of Q4 2012.