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Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
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Troubleshooting Real Presence Desktop audio issues such as audio cut-out, low volume, poor quality audio, echo etc by collecting audio raw data from RPD

Troubleshooting RealPresence Desktop audio issues such as audio cut out, low volume, poor quality audio, echo etc. In order to collect more information about the audio issue, additional information such as audio raw data will be required.   Here is the instruction to generate audio raw data on PC running the RPD 1. Create an empty file named "bubble.debug" in the folder (which contain ProvisionData.xml). Typically RPD folder is either in roaming folder, %AppData% or install folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Polycom\RealPresence Desktop. 2. After creating the debug file, place a call and reproduce the audio issue, and then hang up the call.
Collect all four files named "AECMicData.pcm, AECMic2Data.pcm, AECOutData.pcm, AECSpkData.pcm" from the RealPresence Desktop folder.
3, Provide the four pcm files and "rpd.log" to Polyom technical support. Please note that the pcm files will be overwritten every time a new call being made.