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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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How can we simplify the dial string to external numbers using DMA scripts?

How can we simplify the dialstring to external numbers ? The customer would like a DMA script to convert a dialstring 1234 into This is internal endpoints dialing H323 to external sites via VBP.
Tthe script to use is: DIAL_STRING = DIAL_STRING.replace("1234","h323: "); From an endpoint, place a call to
Check on the DMA, the call event details for this call. You will see which dial rules is applied to send the call out. 
Then go to this dial rule and add this script :
DIAL_STRING = DIAL_STRING.replace("1234"," "); Amend it for different domains to reach : example below
DIAL_STRING = DIAL_STRING.replace("345"," ");