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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Video endpoints USB Polycom Vendor ID and Product IDs

This is provided for your reference. Check the community post for comments:  
095D Vendor ID - Polycom - 23907
Product ID Product
0x9204 EagleEye IV USB Camera
0x9224 EagleEye IV USB Camera, DFU
0x9206 EagleEye Director II
0x9207 EagleEye Director II, DFU
0x9203 MSR Dock
0x920B MSR dock, Audio
0x920C MSR dock, Microcontroller
0x920D MSR dock, HUB 1 USB 2.0
0x920E MSR dock, HUB 1 USB 3.1
0x920F MSR dock, HUB 2 USB 2.0
0x9210 MSR dock, HUB 2 USB 3.1
0x9211 MSR dock, Bootloader
0x9217 Polycom Studio
0x9218 Polycom Studio, DFU
0x9229 Polycom Studio BT Remote