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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Trio 8500/8800/C60 in "Zoom Rooms PC" base profile cannot be used as microphone and speaker for Poly X30/X50/G7500 running Zoom Rooms

The "Zoom Rooms PC" base profile for Trio is intended for usage with Windows or Mac-based Zoom Rooms.  A Trio 8500/8800/C60 configured in the "Zoom Rooms PC" base profile will run the Zoom Rooms Controller (ZRC) application, but cannot be paired with a Poly X30/X50/G7500 as a modular room device and be used as the speakers and microphone for the Poly codec.  Instead, the Trio must be configured as a modular room device (aka "Poly Controller") - see resolution below.
A Trio 8500/8800/C60 can be used as speakers and microphone, and run Zoom Rooms Controller (ZRC), for a Poly X30/X50/G7500 running Zoom Rooms (ZR) by configuring the Trio as modular room device (aka "Poly Controller").   There are two methods to configure the Trio into "Poly Controller" mode.   Method 1: factory reset the Trio, and select "Poly Controller" from the initial system configuration menu.  The Trio will now be available for pairing with the Poly X30/X50/G7500.  See "Completing Modular Room Pairing between the Poly Trio and Poly X30/X50/G7500 " below.  You may configure your Trio's other settings as needed at your convenience, after completing the modular room pairing.   Method 2: if you do not wish to factory reset the Trio, you may apply the following XML configuration via the Trio web interface:   <config   device.set="1"   device.baseProfile.set="1"   device.baseProfile="Generic"   device.system.mrPairMode.set="1"   device.system.mrPairMode="Device" />   This will configure the Trio to be a modular room device.  See "Completing Modular Room Pairing between the Poly Trio and Poly X30/X50/G7500" below.   Completing Modular Room Pairing between the Poly Trio and Poly X30/X50/G7500: once the Trio 8500/8800/C60 is in modular room device mode, the on-screen UI will change to instruct the administrator to complete modular room pairing.  Modular room pairing is completed from a Poly X30/X50/G7500 web GUI, in the General Settings > Device Management section.  The Trio should appear as a device available for pairing.  After the admin clicks the "Pair" button to pair the devices, the Poly X30/X50/G7500 will automatically start using the Trio 8500/8800/C60 microphone and speakers once paired in this fashion.  Assuming the Poly X30/X50/G7500 is configured to run the Zoom Rooms application, the Trio 8500/8800/C60 will automatically launch the Zoom Rooms Controller (ZRC) application.   Note: if you intend to use the Trio 8500/8800/C60 with a Windows- or Mac-based Zoom Room, configure the Trio with the "Zoom Rooms PC" base profile.  The "Poly Controller" mode is only intended for use with a Poly X30/X50/G7500.