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Article ID: 000044301
Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
Access Level: Public

RPCS-VE: Unable to use the default 'Factory_Mix_Video_Profile' in meetings or edit this profile.

RPCS-VE when creating a meeting either from the DMA or directly on the RPCS, and selecting Factory_Mix_Video_Profile for the conference mode will fail to be created with the error: Fail to add conference. Conference mode is not allowed. When editing Factory_Mix_Video_profile in the RPCS when saving the profile, if select CP and SVC as mode, will fail with error: Conference Mode is not allowed.
From Release Note for RPCS 8.8.0 it is documented: Increased Port Capacity for RealPresence Collaboration Server, VE This release of the RealPresence Collaboration Server, Virtual Edition has an increased port capacity that can accommodate more calls on the same virtual machine configuration. Enable this capacity increase by setting the RPCSVE_ENHANCE_CAPACITY system flag to YES. When enabled, the RealPresence Collaboration Server supports only AVC-only or SVC-only conferences; the system rejects all mixed-mode conferences. Options for resolution are: 1. Turn off this flag and reboot to remove this addition of ports. 2. Select only AVC or SVC mode for conferences.