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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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CS55H (Home Edition): Phone Requirements

Can I use the CS55H Home Edition with my office phone at work?
The CS55H Home Edition is not ideal as it doesn't come with the HL10 handset lifter that is recommended for use with office phones. Instead, the CS55H comes with a home phone adapter that replaces the need for a lifter. Do I need a special phone for this?
No, the CS55H works with any home cordless phone, regardless of brand, model or frequency range (GHz). Does it also work with a corded phone?  Why wouldn't you just use the standard CS55?
The CS55H can work with a corded home phone. The set-up is the same as with a cordless phone.
A standard CS55 for the office could work with a corded phone in a home environment but its sound performance wouldn't be optimal. In addition, the CS55 would require the use of a HL10 handset lifter to allow remote call answering. Instead, the CS55H already comes with a home phone adapter that allows remote call answering without requiring the installation of a handset lifter on a home phone. Does it work with a 2-line phone?
Strictly speaking yes, but the user has to decide which of the 2 lines to install the CS55H on. Can I use the headset with my cell phone?
The CS55H headset is not a Bluetooth headset and will not work with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones. Can I use the headset with a Mult-Line telephone?
The CS55H is not designed to work on a Multiline telephone.