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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Discovery 650E: Indicator Lights

 Headset Status Headset Indicator Light 
Powering On  Blue light appears and flashes every 6 seconds. 
Power On Blue light flashes every 5 seconds. 
Powering Off  Red light appears and goes off. 
Power Off  Light is off. 
Charging Battery  Red light glows continuously. 
Battery Fully Charged  Red light goes off. 
Low Battery  Red light flashes. 
Pairing Mode  Red then blue light flashes for 120 seconds. 
Missed Call  Purple light flashes every 5 seconds.* 
Ringing  Purple light flashes rapidly. 
Headset in Pocket  Headset vibrates to indicate incoming call. 
Online Indicator (OLI)  Blue light flashes every 10 seconds.