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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Spokes Known Issue with Blackwire 300/400/600: Mute ON in an inactive state does not sync with softphone when answering a call

On Windows Vista, Blackwire 300/400/600 series headsets may lose mute synchronization when used with certain softphones (including, but not necessarily limited to, CIPC and CUPC; not all softphones have been tested). This problem occurs if a call is made or received while the headset is muted; when the call becomes active, the headset will remain muted, but show as unmuted in the softphone GUI. (Note: This problem also existed previously on Windows 7 and XP, but is corrected in Spokes 2.6.)
Spokes and the softphone are not properly coordinating mute synchronization with the Windows Vista Volume Mixer.
After the call is active, if mute is out of sync, press the headset or softphone GUI Mute button twice to resynchronize.
Affected Operating System(s)
Windows Vista
Affected Software Application(s)
All versions of Spokes, with some softphones (including CIPC and CUPC, but excluding Skype)
Affected Hardware
Blackwire 300/400/600 series headsets
Date Raised
13 July 2012