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Date de dernière modification: 09/22/2022
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Installing PVX Version 8.0.0

If you have ViaVideo version 5.x or earlier currently installed on your system and you wish to preserve user preferences and directories, you will first need to upgrade to Polycom PVX version 6.x before upgrading to PVX version 8.0.0. Polycom PVX 6.x downloads and release notes are available on Poly's website. If you have ViaVideo version 5.x or earlier and do not need to preserve user preferences and directories, then use the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control Panel to uninstall ViaVideo and install PVX version 8.0.0 as directed below. To install Polycom PVX 8.0.0 for the first time or to upgrade from Polycom PVX 6.x
  1. Close any programs running on your computer.
  2. If you are using a ViaVideo or ViaVideo II camera, make sure that the camera is turned off.
  3. Insert the CD-ROM into your PC. When the install wizard starts, follow the instructions on the screen.
Post-installation note:

Should you decide at any time to reinstall PVX version 6.x, you must first uninstall version 8.0.0 using the Microsoft Windows Add/Remove Programs utility. Before uninstalling PVX, make a note of your existing user settings and directories and backup any files that you personally created and placed in the PVX program files directory, typically C:\Program Files\Polycom\PVX that you wish to save. All files in the PVX directory are deleted during the uninstall process. 8.x