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Date de dernière modification: 10/03/2022
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How to troubleshoot sound cards

To help identify and resolve issues with Audio not being played or recorded follow the steps below:
  1. Verify the device status in Device Manager. Double click on the My Computer icon at your desktop,  then click on Control Panel, Hardware (or by clicking Start >Control Panel > System), Device Manager, then verify the device status:

  2. Go to Sound, Video and Game Controllers, then check the Sound Card, and ensure that your installed device is working properly and that there are no red X's exclamation points or question marks associated to it.

    If there are problems showing in Device Manager, contact the Hardware Manufacturer for assistance in resolving those issues.
  3. Make certain the most recent drivers for the device are used, if not, download and install the latest driver from the manufacturer

  4. Go to Control Panel, then click onSound and Multimedia or Sound and Audio Devices:
  5. Select the Audio tab,

    Make sure the new sound card is selected as the Preferred Device or Default Device for Playback and Recording.
  6. Verify the mixer settings and speaker settings. If multichannel speakers are used, make sure the settings match up to the speaker setup.
  7. If you are connecting a USB device, connect it directly to the USB port at the back of the computer, instead of connecting it to the front panel. If multiple USB devices are connected, try to removing one or more of them if the new device is not detected correctly.
  8. Make sure other applications and the CD-ROM drive play sound correctly.
  9. Check the Windows Volume Control Mixer:

In the illustration above, the Microphone input and the CD-ROM input have been 'muted', meaning that the Mute boxes for those inputs have checkmarks in them. With the mixer set as shown you will not hear any signal from a microphone plugged into the Mic Input or input from an audio Compact Disc being played in the CD-ROM drive. To activate these audio sources, clear the checkmarks from their Mute boxes.

Polycom recommends the volume 'faders' are set up between 75 and 100% on all the inputs and outputs in the Windows Volume Control Mixer. You can then control the total volume from the volume control knob on the speakers or by using the Windows Master Volume Control (activated by clicking once on the yellow speaker icon in your System Tray, as shown below):

The Sound Card may also have similar controls that can affect how it interacts with both Polycom's software and other devices/software on the system. Consult the Sound Card's manual or manufacturer's website for assistance with checking and adjusting its settings for optimal performance.