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Voyager 3200: How to Pair

This procedure explains how to pair your Voyager 3200 headset with your phone or other Bluetooth device.

First Time Pairing
  1. Wearing your headset, power it on. You hear “welcome” in all the supported languages and then "pairing" in the default language. The headset LED flashes red and blue.
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and set it to search for new devices.
    • iPhone Settings Bluetooth On*
    • Android™  BluetoothOn Scan for devices*
  3. Select “PLT_3200.”
  4. If prompted for a passcode, enter four zeros (0000). Once successfully paired, you hear “pairing successful."
*Note: These steps may vary depending upon phone OS.  Pair Another Phone

After pairing your headset to your phone, you may want to pair another phone. To do so: .
    1. Power on your headset.
    2. Either:
      • Tap the Voice button and say "Pair mode" OR
      • Press and hold the Call button until you hear "pairing"
    3. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and set it to search for new devices.
    4. Select “PLT_3200.”
    5. If prompted to enter a passcode, enter four zeros (0000).
    6. Once successfully paired, you hear “pairing successful” and the headset indicator lights stop flashing.
NOTE: If your phone supports Near Field Communication (NFC),  click here to view the NFC pairing instructions.