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Date de dernière modification: 08/09/2022
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Savi W740 Troubleshooting: Talk Time Performance Significantly Degraded

My Talk Time Performance is Significantly Degraded Even After a Full Recharge

The battery may be wearing out. 
Please remove the battery from the headset for approximately a minute and reconnect.
While the battery is disconnected, please check the charging pins on the battery to see if they are damaged.

The charging pins on the cradle could have a problem as well, 
please see if they are straight and at the same height.

On occasion, they get stuck, or one of them might be off position, 
please use a paper clip in case they are straight.

Reconnecting the AC power adapter of the headset base, 
or moving it to another wall outlet may help in case the issue 
was caused by an electrical problem.

If you can test with a different headset, please try charging it on this base to make sure that the cradle works, and you could borrow the battery of the second headset to test it with the first one and see if the charge gets to 100% with a different battery.