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Voyager 510-USB: How to Use

How to Use
Overview The Voyager 510-USB headset has multipoint technology which allows you to seamlessly switch between two audio devices. You can answer a call from either your PC-based softphone or your mobile phone by pressing the call button. The headset must be paired to both devices to enable this functionality. For instructions on pairing the headset to your Bluetooth mobile phone, click here. Call Handling with the Voyager 510-USB
To: Do this:
Answer a call Tap the call button
Reject a call Tap the call button
Redial Double-tap the call button
Activate Voice Dialing* Press and hold the call button for 2 seconds, until you hear a tone
Switch a call from phone to headset Briefly press the call button
Switch a call from headset to phone Press and hold the call button until you hear a tone
*To use voice-activated dialing, your phone must support the feature. Refer to your phone manual or your cell phone provider for more information.