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CS55H (Home Edition): How to Install a CS55H Home Edition Headset

This article describes ho to install a CS55H Home Edition Headset.
The CS55H comes with color labels that the user simply has to match in order to correctly install the product. It also comes with "Read Me First" instructions in addition to a comprehensive user manual. CS55H Read me image Set-up  Tips:
 Match up color labels
  • Push all plugs firmly into base and wall
  • Place base at least 1' away from phone, computer or other metal object
  • Push headset gently into cradle and charge for 3 hours
CS55 Setup image
  Getting Started:
  • To place a call (see preferred option 1 on p.10 in the manual):
1. Dial number on phone
2. Press headset button, base and headset light up green
3. HANG UP phone to transfer call to headset
  • o To receive a call, simply press headset button
  • o Adjust the listening and speaking volumes as needed 
  • o To see incoming caller ID (upon hearing call waiting beep), undock phone and push talk.
  • o To accept new call, press headset button to hang up current call and transfer to new call.
  • (Flash is deactivated.)
What is the adapter for?
The home phone adapter that comes with CS55H Home Edition is a PSTN/ land line adapter that allows a standard CS55 to work in a home environment. CS55H Plugin image Why don't you need a lifter?
The home phone adapter replaces the need for a handset lifter. The user can remotely answer calls without having to walk back to the base. Will I need a new phone (wall) jack to operate this?  
CS55H comes with an RJ11 phone cable and a splitter.   How do I charge the headset? The headset has to be gently pushed into the charging cradle to charge. Light indicators indicate it is successfully charging.