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Date de dernière modification: 12/08/2021
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Telepresence m100 does not receive video from ViewStation

When calling from Polycom Telepresence m100 to a ViewStation MP or ViewStation SP, no video is received on the m100.  Video is seen as expected on the ViewStation systems.
Although the ViewStation Models are not included on the Telepresence m100 interoperability chart (m100 release notes) and were not included in SQA testing scope, Polycom has determined that this issue should be resolved and have committed to having the fix in a future m100 software build, currently scheduled for May 2012 (subject to change).     Workaround :  none   REFERENCE:  SR# 1-139269824 / VIDESC-7763 / CMAD-4677 / CMAD-4360