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Date de dernière modification: 12/10/2021
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Discovery 640: Charging Adapters

NOTE: This answer does not pertain to Model 640E (Part Number 73667-01), because it does not come with cell phone charging adapters. The Discovery 640 headset (Part Number 68400-01) comes with a variety of charging options. You can charge it anywhere with the AAA battery charger, or you can charge it through your cell phone charger using one of the included cell phone charging adapters. You can even charge it through your vehicle's cigarette lighter adapter or through a USB port with optional accessories. Standard chargers:
  • 70416-01 - AAA Battery Charger
  • 69522-01 - AC Power Charger (US and Canada)
  • 70909-01 - AC Power Charger (Australia and New Zealand)
Cell Phone Charging Adapters*: Optional accessories: Where to purchase Spares and Accessories * Plantronics provided a number of cell phone chargers in order to keep up with changes in the cell phone market.  Not all adapters were included in the package. Please review the package contents to determine which cell phone charging adapters are included.