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Date de dernière modification: 12/09/2021
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Data Sheet: CX300 Desktop Phone

Polycom CX300 USB desktop phone brings new meaning to the USB desktop phone with a two-line monochrome display, telephone keypad and wideband high-fidelity audio. The Polycom CX300 USB desktop phones seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Lync and provides the look, sound, and feel of a conventional enterprise-grade telephone with plug-and-play ease of use.
Polycom CX300 USB desktop phone was designed to be used as a regular handset. Calls may be placed or answered using the phone or a Microsoft Lync client window. Like a traditional phone, Polycom CX300 USB desktop phone includes convenient buttons for controlling calls, such as a full dial pad, two-line monochrome backlit display, and keys for controlling volume, mute, speaker phone, hold, redial, and external headset mode. The phone also includes advanced features such as a presence status indicator and integrated message waiting indicator. Polycom CX300 USB desktop phone delivers remarkable high definition audio quality for the ultimate voice communications experience. With its sleek, high-quality handset and its full duplex, hands-free speaker phone, Polycom CX300 USB desktop phone enables crystal-clear, natural conversations without echoes or feedback.
Polycom CX300 USB desktop phone connects and powers through an integrated USB cable for easy installation and use, so there are no extra cables to carry and no drivers to install. Simply connect the phone to any PC running Microsoft Lync and it will instantly be ready to start placing or receiving phone calls.