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Where to find information on Polycom CX300 R2 Desktop Phone

The Polycom CX300 R2 Desktop Phone is designed specifically for use with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 R2 and Microsoft Lync 2013. You can connect the CX300 R2 phone directly to your computer with a USB cable to immediately begin using the phone with Microsoft Lync.
For the User Guide, and Quick Start Guide:
For the Data Sheet and introduction video:

A USB phone optimized for Microsoft Lync
The Polycom CX300 R2 a two-line monochrome display, a telephone keypad and wide-band high-fidelity audio. It seamlessly integrates with and combines the look, sound, and feel of a conventional, enterprise-grade telephone with plug-and-play ease of use.
This phone offers:
  • Optimized for Lync 2013 and Lync 2010
  • A two-line, monochrome, back-lit display
  • USB operation
  • Handset, full duplex speakerphone, and headset (via headset jack) operation