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Solutions for Remote Collaborator​s

Remote Collaborators depend on multiple devices to stay connected to colleagues, co-workers, and clients. They may feel isolated from their peers, but they’re true team players who rely heavily on collaboration technology.


We can help you profile your organization to identify workforce communication needs.


A Remote Collaborator Feels Significantly More Productive at Home vs the Office


Likely to have a dedicated office space at home. May consider un-assigned office seating to plan space more effectively given their limited time in the office. 






Type of Work

Feels more productive at home compared to other personas. Comfortable using PC or smartphone to join meetings and over half report daily video usage as well. Often a main speaker in meetings.

51% report daily video usage

75% use a headset

Device Usage

On average, Remote Collaborators use 4.1 devices on a daily basis to get their work done. Primary devices used for calls include


Smart Phone

Desk Phone

% Time spent

Top Pain Points
  • Background noise in home environments
  • Feeling disconncted from hapennings in the office
  • Unofomfortable wearing headsets for long periods of time (34%)
Fun Facts
  • Highest Gen Z (18 - 23y) presence of all personas
  • Looked for equipment during COVID (62% made purchases)
  • Least engagement with desk phone compared to other personas
  • Voyager Focus UC
    Voyager Focus UC
    Voyager Focus UC
    Micro-casque binaural Bluetooth

    Restez concentré sur votre conversation, et non sur le bruit de fond, grâce à la fonction antibruit sophistiquée et le son stéréo immersif du micro-casque binaural Bluetooth Voyager Focus UC de Plantronics.

  • Poly Sync 20
    Poly Sync 20
    SFr. 190.95
    Poly Sync 20
    SFr. 190.95
    Haut-parleur intelligent USB/Bluetooth personnel

    Admettez-le : le son sur votre ordinateur portable et votre smartphone n'est pas de grande qualité. Offrez-vous un son d'une qualité professionnelle avec le haut-parleur intelligent Poly Sync 20 USB/Bluetooth, pour un son exceptionnel où que vous soyez.

*As pain points and connectivity needs may be similar, there is some crossover in product recommendations between personas.

The Workplace Experience Post Covid-19

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