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Date de dernière modification: 08/15/2022
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Blackwire-710-710-M-720-720-M and Blacktop 500: Comparison

These headsets are very similar cosmetically, but the main difference is that the Blacktop 500 is meant mainly for use on the road - it's meant for mobile workers who are in need of a comfortable headset they can wear for many hours on the road. It has a higher max volume to avoid issues of high noise environments and comes packaged with a windsock for the mic to help with noise cancellation. It also comes with a vehicle charger included.  The Blackwire 700 series, on the other hand, has more features that are geared primarily towards office workers - it has updateable firmware, it can be configured to have call control and updateable presence with certain softphones, is compatible with our Plantronics Hub software. It comes in both monaural (C710) and binaural (C720) versions as well, whereas the Blacktop is monaural only.