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Date de dernière modification: 05/15/2021
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Blackwire C710/C710-M/C720/C720-M Firmware Release Notes

Version 54
September 2019

Resolved Issue
  • Skype for Business calls are disconnected if the call is answered from the client and then the headset is then worn straight away.

To upgrade firmware for this device, upgrade to Plantronics Hub 3.9.2 or better.  Prior versions of Plantronics Hub will not be notified of an upgrade for this device.
Version 53
  • Updated acoustic EQ setting
  • Fixed distortion on microphone side receiver when G616 is enabled
Version 50
Resolved Issues
  • One second of transmit audio is blocked on outgoing call when answered
Version 49
What's New
  • Removed incoming call tone for VOIP interface
Version 48
What's New
  • Updated audio tuning
Version 47
What's New
  • Corrected G616 operation and configurability
Version 46
What's New
  • Switch between G616 limiting without A-weighting, and normal SPL limiting with A-weighting
Resolved Issues
  • Fix Spokes G616 configure require USB replug issue.
Version 45
What's New
  • Update the G616 configurable setting to include the "locking of the G616 setting" feature.
Version 44
What's New
  • Update Stereo Telephony DSP for C720/C720M firmware.
Resolved Issues
  • Cannot set G616 DSP setting
  • Avaya OneX crashes on incoming call when C700 is attached
Version 41
What's New
  • Friendly name and USB description changed from Blackwire 7xx to Plantronics 7xx