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Date de dernière modification: 02/18/2022
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Issue with PC's with Intel Audio Controllers

Audio (Transmit and/or Receive) is degraded or lost when using a USB audio enable product on PCs that include Intel ® Smart Sound Technology (Intel® SST) version 10.23.xxxxx. dated 12/12/2019
Intel Community web link:-

Expected Solution
Poly is working with Intel with the expectation that Intel will provide a driver update to their customer base.
Poly’s ticket Number with Intel 05248028

  • From “Start” type Device Manager and click open
  • From Device Manager, pop-up expand “Sound, Video and Game Controllers”
  • Select Intel® Smart Sound Technology for USB Audio
    From the Intel® Smart Sound Technology for USB Audio pop-up window select the “Driver” Tab
  • Click on “Disable Device”

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