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Article ID: 000063705
Date de dernière modification: 11/08/2021
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Poly CCX 600 and 700 phones display only 24 Lines and BLFs instead of 60

Poly CCX 600 and 700 in Generic (open-sip) base profile display only 24 BLFs (Busy Lamp Fields) and lines instead of 60.
This is a bug which is fixed in UC software 7.1.3 and UC software 7.2.0 and all versions beyond 7.2.0.

After upgrading to 7.1.3 or 7.2.0, the CCX 600 and 700 phones correctly display up to 24 registered lines and 36 BLFs with a total of 60 (these are displayed on 4 pages with each page displaying 15 Lines/BLFs).