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CT11/CT12 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Tips for the CT11/CT12 Telephone
What should I do about the noise on my CT11/CT12? If the interference persists after removing possible sources of interference (such as other wireless devices, electronics, etc.), try plugging the headset into a cell phone.  Then make a test call to see if it sounds better.  If the sound continues to have interference, the headset should be replaced.  If the sound is good, the problem may be in the remote unit. CT11/CT12: Registration failed message If this message appears you will need to re-register the remote to the base. The digital security code is an identification code used to connect the remote and the base unit. Normally, setting the code is not necessary. In the rare situation that you suspect another cordless telephone is using the same security code, you can change the code. To change the digital security code, deregister the code, then register a different code To De-Register the Security Code:
  1. Remove the remote from the base. In the standby mode, press and hold DELETE and END for about 10 seconds until you hear a confirmation tone. "De-Register?" appears.
  2. Select Yes, then SELECT/CH. You will hear a confirmation tone, and "Deregistration Complete" appears.
To Register the Security Code:
  1. Unplug the AC adapter. Do not replace the remote to the base.
  2. Press and hold PAGE on the base, while you plug in the AC Adapter, hold page until the CHARGE/IN USE LED on the base flashes.
  3. Press TALK/FLASH. "Remote Registering" appears. When the registration operation is finished "Registration Complete" appears and the CHARGE/IN USE LED is no longer illuminated. You will hear a confirmation tone and the phone returns to the standby mode.
  • You must complete the registration operation within 30 seconds, or the phone returns to the standby mode.
  • During the registration operation, you cannot receive an incoming call, page, or make a call. If you receive on incoming call, page, or charge the remote while in the de-registering operation, or press TALK/FLASH or END, the operation is canceled.
  • If you have not pressed any key for 30 seconds while in the de-registering operation, the phone returns to the standby mode.
What should I do if the caller ID does not display on my CT11/CT12? There are a few reasons why your caller ID may not be working:
  1. Make sure that you are signed up for caller ID service with your phone provider. Caller ID will not just work on it's own; you NEED to be signed up for the service. Contact your phone service provider to confirm that you have Caller ID service.
  2. Make sure that caller ID is turned on in your CT11/CT12 settings. Press the MENU button, scroll down the "CID" and make sure it is ON.
  3. It is possible that the incoming call is being made from a switchboard or a private/blocked number. If someone chooses to have their number not be displayed when calling, you may either see "Private" when the phone rings or you may not see anything at all.
What is the message LED light on the CT11/CT12 used for? The message waiting LED on the remote is designed to work with the voicemail service provided by your local telephone company. The LED flashes when you have new incoming messages in the voicemail service.  If you do not have voicemail service, this feature will not work. Tips:
  • If the light remains on after you've retrieved your messages, reset the indicator.  To reset it: When the phone is in standby mode, press and hold <PAGE> button on the base until the paging sound stops (about 5 seconds).
  • If you telephone service voice mail service is set up to have a audio vs a visual notification the LED may not light up.  Speak with your phone service regarding this set up.
  • To reset the indicator, when the phone is in the standby mode press and hold PAGE on the base until the paging sound stops (about 5 seconds).
  • If the light is not on and you know you have Voice mail, Check woth your service provider to ensure your signaling method is TIA-855.