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Date de dernière modification: 08/10/2022
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SupraPlus D261N-USB/D261N-DA45 Product Information

D261N-USB: D261-USB.PNG D261N-DA45: D261-DA45.jpg General Information Features
  • D261N-USB has stereo audio
  • D261N-DA45 has superior hi-fi stereo audio quality with the stereo DA45 USB audio processor
  • VoIP quality enhanced by echo suppression
  • Ergonomically designed inline control
  • Effortless connectivity via USB
  • Easy call controls feature inline volume, mute, and call answer/end
  • Compatible with easy call answer/end feature on most softphones
  • Headset detaches easily with the D261N-DA45's Quick Disconnect cord
Part Numbers
  • 77561-01 - D261N-USB (no QD)
  • 77560-01 - D261N-DA45 with QD